We are the Music Makers.

The music of Mother Marie and Elder James Goins is rooted in a combination of ancient African string music and the earliest African American gospel. Elder James would often say, “God woke me up this morning and started me on my way. He didn’t have to do it, but he done it.” Music Maker Relief Foundation

December 22, 2015–January 15, 2016

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December 31, 2015–January 2, 2016
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“Through the efforts of the Music Makers Relief Foundation, these amazing people and artists have been able to live dignified lives.” – Taj Mahal

The blues, jazz, gospel and old time music of the American South form a deep aquifer that contemporary musicians around the world drink from daily.

The musicians portrayed in the exhibition We are the Music Makers are the working class fathers, mothers and neighbors who continue to lovingly stir the South’s musical stew and feed American culture. You probably won’t recognize their names or faces, for few have found fame. Most of them weren’t easy to find.

Tim Duffy has traveled the South for 30 years, always seeking the oldest guy that learned from the oldest guy who came before.

Dismayed by the poverty that surrounds the music, Tim founded the Music Maker Relief Foundation to provide assistance, build artists’ careers and nurture our musical heritage.

For thirteen days (December 22, 2015–January 15, 2016) the Power Plant Gallery is proud to host the portrait photographs, words and artifacts, celebrating each musician’s history and trajectory.

Tim has been recording and documenting artists since the early age of 16, when he became interested in ethnomusicology. After earning a BA from Friends World College and MA from the Curriculum in Folklore at the UNC, Tim and his wife Denise founded Music Maker in 1994 to assist traditional musicians in need. Tim works very closely with partner artists on a daily basis while also overseeing program operations. For his work with Music Maker, Tim was recognized by ABC Evening News as the “Person of the Week” in April 2004 and was voted Living Blues Producer of the Year in 1999. Tim has also received honors from National Resophonic Guitars and the NC Folklore Society. Since Music Maker’s founding he has produced more than 151 albums, produced two films, and has presented dozens of traditional Southern musicians at prestigious venues around the world.

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