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Soundings: Protest|Politics|Dissent
A broadcast audio exhibition

Save the following dates:

  • • Opening Reception: January 13, 2017 5–8pm
  • • Third Friday Durham Artist’s Talk with Jack Loeffler (MFA|EDA visiting artist): January 20, 2017, 5–8pm, talk begins at 6pm
  • • FSP@PPG: Hostile Sounds (ongoing series of panel discussions about art/activism): February 2, 2017 12-1pm (please note this is a lunchtime talk)
  • • Third Friday Durham Listening Session curated by Mendal Polish, The Body and Queer Listening: February 17, 2017, Time: 6pm
  • Program times for the seven invited artists (pdf)

What do you hear?
Soundings: Protest|Politics|Dissent explores how artists navigate the depths of sound experience.

Here, protest, politics, and dissent are embodied in digital sound files. Broadcasted, they defy the transient nature of sound – only inasmuch as a single file can be replayed. Through repetition something happens.

Does one really hear the same thing twice?

From podcast to experimental audio, each artist captured, molded, manipulated, mediated, or composed sound into a document. The works embrace environment|climate change, diaspora|e/im/migration, incarceration|torture, and memory|trauma, deepening auditory perceptions.

Artists include: James Andean, Meira Asher, John Bechtold, Felecia Chizuko Carlisle and Valerie George, Christopher DeLaurenti, Ursula Handleigh, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn, Michelle Jaffé, Kapwani Kiwanga, Lal, Jack Loeffler, Jonna McKone, Murr, Mendal Polish, Postcommodity, Tullis Rennie, Simone and Max, Brian Spies, Kirsten Stolle, Hong-An Truong, Karen Werner, and Gregory Whitehead

Curated by Caitlin Margaret Kelly

3 Ways to Listen:
1. Let chance take over! Show up at the gallery during our regular hours, take a seat in the sound room, and listen to the works that are playing on the 5.1 stereo system.

2. The Control is yours! Once you’re at the gallery, locate one of the two iPads near the reception desk and listen (with headphones) to the artists or works of your choosing.

3. Lunch and Listen! Check out our 12pm time slots for invited artists. Each of these seven artists will be played one or more days during the course of the exhibition, but all of them at noon. Bring your lunch, and come listen on the 5.1 system. Check out the program times to plan your visit.

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